The Duplex Gold Mine

PROVEN GOLD MINE FOR SALE The Founding Mine of Searchlight, Nevada is For Sale. The gold mine and town of Searchlight were founded in 1897 by George F. Colton. The Duplex Mine is still owned by the Colton Family.  For Sale is approximately 216 acres. The mining acreage, a patented mining claim, is contained on approximately 92 acres on US Highway 95 in the heart of Searchlight. Unlike remote sites, this site is connected to public utilities. The patented mining and mineral rights were granted by President Theodore Roosevelt.  These patented claims provide several exemptions under the zoning requirements. Burt Westrum, geologist, compared the outcroppings and general geology to that of the Carlin properties, but with the exception that the outcroppings at The Duplex were of greater value. A sample of vein material off main shaft at 100 foot level recently assayed at 6.450 ounces per ton.  In additional to gold, the ore contains silver, copper, lead and zinc.  The land on the East side of Highway 95 can be used for a milling site and staging area if needed, or can be used for a mix of commercial and residential.

When in operation, this mine was the second largest gold mine in all of southern Nevada. Read more about the mine and its production:  Reports