Fairchild and Fairchild Engineers, August 14, 1926 – A Preliminary Report on The Property of The Duplex Mining Company, Searchlight, Nevada (available by request)

Excerpt: “In 1897 Mr. G. F. Colton discovered what is known as the ‘Searchlight’ vein and traced it across the valley from the West, finding rich free gold ore on what is now the ‘Searchlight Claim.’ “


Bulletin 906-D, Geological Survey, U.S. Dept. of The Interior, 1938-39 – Geology of the Searchlight District, Clark County, Nevada read


Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, Spring 1968, Vol. XI, Number 1 –  Early Development of El Dorado Canyon and Searchlight Mining Districts  – pgs. 21- 25  read


Rare Metals Corporation, Sample Assay Report, September 24, 2011 – 6.450 oz gold per ton read


Preliminary Report, Gibler Geotechnical Consulting, Inc., Prepared for Peirmont Advisors, Wall Township and Millrock Resources, February 14, 2014 – Duplex Mine Gold Project 2012 (available by request)

Excerpt:  “The Duplex gold mine in Searchlight may be the biggest secret in Nevada. A review of recent work and a field visit indicate that the duplex mine has probable ore reserves of greater than 100,000 tons.”

Technical Report, Prepared for Millrock Resources, May 4, 2012 –  Searchlight Project: Duplex Mine 2012 (available by request)

Excerpt:  “The Searchlight mining district promises high grade mining opportunities and the Duplex mine is has intriguing exploration potential. The Duplex mine has a history of outstanding production. Past mining targeted only a few veins that crop out on the surface, however Millrock observed and measured several smaller scale quartz and calcite veins that have not been mined and indicate potential down dip and along strike. The results of recent cursory investigations by Millrock resulted in the re-discovery of visible gold and galena and high grade values in gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc.”


Tailings Volume & Grade Report, Gibler Geotechnical Consulting, Inc., Prepared for Mineral Ventures, March 12, 2013 (available by request)

Excerpt: “A total volume of 8,121 tons of tailings, based on a conversion factor of one bank cubic yard equals 1.17 standard tons, have a weighted average grade of 0.0790 oz. per standard ton Au and 0.621 oz. per standard ton Ag.”